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Welcome to the new National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council (NBCC) website , the organization that represents the interests of life in Bangladeshi-Canadian and multicultural communities in Canada.

As you know, 2017 marks the 150th of Canada's Confederation Celebration Year. We are in the final planning stages of a larger than usual event by hosting a ''Multicultural Festival” at Parc-Ex on August 5 & 19th, 2017 at Complex William Hingston and Place de la Gare Jean Talon Parc (Métro Parc).
Comme vous le savez, 2017 marque la 150e Année de la Célébration de la Confédération du Canada. Nous sommes en phase de planification finale d'un événement plus grand que d'habitude en organisant un «Festival Multiculturel» à Parc-Ex du 5 au 19 août 2017 au Complexe William Hingston et à la Place de la Gare Jean Talon (Métro Parc).

 Celebrate Canada 150 Confederation: Parc-Extension Hosts Citizenship Oath Ceremony for 150 New Canadians

On Saturday, August 5th 2017, the William Hingston Center in Parc-Extension, one of Montreal’s most diverse neighborhoods, hosted a special Citizenship Oath Ceremony as part of Canada 150, a year commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation.

Organized by the National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council (NBCC) in collaboration with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), 150 citizenship candidates gathered in the center’s auditorium with their families and friends to begin a new life as citizens of Canada. The event was opened to the public and the local community of Parc-Extension attended the very first Citizenship Ceremony to be held in the multicultural neighborhood. Read More... 

NBCC hosts 150th Canada Day Celebration - 2017 with barbecue!

It's the biggest Canada Day party with multicultural Canadian communities at Parc-Extension Montreal. Thousands of people attended with their children dressed in red and white traditional costumes that crowded onto the lawns of Place de la Gare Jean-Talon in front of Provigo, a super market on top of metro Parc, on Saturday July 1st to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.

Canada flags fluttered in the wind while the local community sang the Canadian national anthem with the presence of children. More..

Bangladesh Folk Festival-Festival Folklorique du Bangladesh 2017 - Montréal  images (2)

Sounds of Bangladeshi Sufi Bauls are Unplugged

Visitors heard the Bangladeshi Sufi Bauls at Bangladesh Folk Festival – Montreal 2017

Visitors of the Bangladesh Folk Festival - Montreal 2017, organized by the National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council, heard the diverse music from the Baul origins of Bangladesh and Canada, whose musicians demonstrate the social power of music and cultural heritage. Bangladeshi Sufi Bauls presented a series of evening concerts and performances, activities, and discussions. The festival hosted 60 musicians and performers who are first and second generations Bangladeshi-Canadians that were accompanied by Baul king Shafi Mondol, a guest Baul singer from Bangladesh, as well as the Canadian Sufi Baul musician Michael Prashant John. They performed music reflecting their different influences and heritage, including Bangladeshi traditional Baul music, Kriton, Murshidi, Lalon, and more. These artists embody the resilience of culture and community. They demonstrate how cross-cultural, intergenerational and transnational collaborations can energize and strengthen traditions. Special guests were city councillor Mary Deros and popular pop singer Tapan Chowdhury, who has received an award for his work in the music industry.


NBCC Celebrated 52nd anniversary of Canada's flagvideo-10

National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council (NBCC) raised the flag and distributed paper flags, pins, and Maple tattoo to citizens of Parc-Extension in Complex Willam Hingston Center to mark the National Flag Day of Canada on Wednesday. It was 52 years ago that the maple leaf first flew over Canada.
National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council (NBCC) took time to recognize the nation’s flag during National Flag Day of Canada ceremony at Parc-Extension Complex William Hingston Community Center on Wednesday.
“The Canadian flag is the symbol of the nation’s unity, for it, beyond any doubt, represents all the citizens of Canada without distinction of race, language, belief or opinions,” said the NBCC President Monir Hossain.

Pie Festival- Parc-Ex -Montreal-2016 মন্ট্রিয়ল রসের গুরের পিঠা উৎসব ২০১৬।

A Big Thank You to All Who Participated In Making Pie Festival- Parc-Ex -Montreal-2016

মন্ট্রিয়ল রসের গুরের পিঠা উৎসব ২০১৬ a Success

Thank you for attending our 6th Annual Pie Festival- Parc-Ex on Saturday, November 12, 2016- Montreal
It is our sincere hope that through this great festival you connected with others and found many of your memories with your old friends and family and will develop new partnerships that will enable your community business and woman empowering to flourish.



Canada 150 Celebration

This is Canada's largest multicultural festival to Canadian communities in Parc-Extension, Montreal. We hope that thousands of people will attend with their children dressed in red and white and with traditional costumes and envahisseront lawns in the park in front of Provigo supermarket located near metro Park 1 July 2017 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada.

Canada Day


Bangladesh-Canada Convention

FOBACA aims to increase awareness of the culture and heritage of Bangladesh in order to promote peace and harmony in the community. He also wants to provide an opportunity for Bangladeshi Canadians to come together in a fun and exciting environment to highlight the contributions of Bangladeshi culture of diversity in Canada. Particular attention will be paid to the generation growing up in Canada on the movement of liberation war of Bangladesh


 Bangladesh Day Celebration

The Bangladeshi-Canadian community celebrated the Independence Day of Bangladesh which is also named "Day of Bangladesh." The Bangladeshi-Canadian National Council (NBCC) is organizing a cultural event for the new generations of Bangladeshi Canadians and the presentation of a documentary about the 1971 war for new and current generations of Bangladeshi - Canadian.

Bangladesh Day

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