Who We Are

The National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council (NBCC) is the voice of Canada’s Bangladeshi community. The Council brings together under one umbrella all the national, provincial and local Bangladeshi Canadian organizations. Together with its member organizations, the NBCC has been leading, coordinating and representing the interests of one of Canada’s Bangladesh and multicultural ethnic communities and instrumental in shaping Canada’s social, economic and political landscape.

Mission Statement

The National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council (NBCC) represents the Bangladeshi Canadian community before the people and Government of Canada, promotes linkages with Bangladesh and identifies and addresses the needs of the Bangladeshi community in Canada to ensure its continued existence and development for the enhancement of Canada’s socio-cultural fabric.

Vision Statement

The National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council (NBCC) strives to be a proactive, national, united and self-sustaining body that provides a high standard of leadership in developing the destiny of Bangladeshi Canadians.