Who is the NBCC ?

The National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council is an inclusive, self-sustaining, vibrant organization that serves the Bangladeshi-Canadian community to maintain, develop and share its Bangladeshi-Canadian identity, culture and aspirations. The mission of NBCC is to:
• represent and serve the Bangladeshi community;
• pro• adhere to democratic principles and provide strong leadership;
• promote sustainable organizational development;
• contribute to the enhancement of cultural diversity in Quebec, Toronto, and Ottawa;
• maximize the capacity of the Bangladeshi-Canadian community to maintain, develop and share its identity, culture and aspirations;
• encourage innovation and creativity.

Mandate and Objectives

• to act as an authoritative representative for the Bangladeshi-Canadian community before the people and the government of Canada
• to strengthen and coordinate the participation of Bangladeshi-Canadians in the social and cultural life of Quebec based on principles of justice, freedom and independence
• to promote the development of friendly and mutually beneficial relations between Canada and Bangladesh
• to plan and develop among Bangladeshi-Canadians in Quebec sound community life in all its aspects
• to assist in the preservation and development of Bangladeshi culture in Quebec and Canada.

NBCC's Objectives

NBCC's primary objectives include:
• Promoting active participation of Bangladeshi Canadian in civic, politics and national affairs and in all other aspects of mainstream Canada.
• Promoting awareness of Bangladeshi-Canadian contributions to social, economic, cultural and political life in Canada.
• Securing social justice, equal opportunity and fair treatment of Bangladeshi-Canadian through advocacy and legislative and policy initiatives at all levels of government.
• Strengthening community institutions that promote the cultural heritage of Bangladesh.
• Eliminating prejudices, stereotypes and ignorance of Bangladeshi-Canadians

To achieve these objectives, NBCC sponsors support the following programs:

• Community Development: providing assistance to Bangladeshi and Bangladeshi-Canadian community-based organizations.
• Applied Research, Policy Analysis and Advocacy: providing a Bangladeshi-Canadian perspective on issues such as education, immigration, health, employment and training, civil rights, youth and the elderly.
• Political Leadership & Candidate Development: preparing Bangladeshi-Canadian for public service.
• Entrepreneurial Training: developing the business skills of Bangladeshi-Canadian in order to promote Economic Development.
• Civic participation: educating Bangladeshi-Canadian to get involved in the electoral process through voter registration and get-out-the-vote campaigns.
• Scholarship and Youth Assistance: assisting Bangladeshi Canadian youth access information on scholarships, education grants and other forms of financial support.
• National Resource Directory of Elected and Appointed Public Officials at all levels of government, Bangladesh, Bangladeshi-Canadian organizations and businesses in the entire country.
NBCC’s national office is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Its main function is to monitor legislation and public policy issues affecting Bangladeshi-Canadian and work in coalition with other national groups around common issues and concerns. In addition, the national office serves as a communication link between affiliate members as well as an information source on federal and legislative initiatives and policies relevant to Bangladeshi-Canadians.

The corporation will conduct its operations in the following geographical area: Bangladeshis living here in the Canada to provide a forum for communication, friendship, education, political affairs and community development for Bangladeshis living in the East, West and Central Canada. 

National Office – The national and principal office of the National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council, otherwise referred to as "NBCC", is hereby fixed and located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.