NBCC Leadership Awards

Established and first awarded in 2010 the National Leadership Award is a centerpiece of the National Bangladeshi Canadian Council’ honours system. It recognizes outstanding contribution, dedication to the Bangladeshi Canadian community and service to Canada and Bangladesh. The National Leadership Award recognizes people and organizations in all sectors of the Bangladeshi Canadian community. Their contributions are varied, yet they have all enriched the lives of others and made a difference to our community.

National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council Leadership Award

The Leadership Award of the National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council provides the opportunity to recognize worthy individuals and organizations in their communities. The NBCC established the Leadership Award in June 2010. It shall be bestowed upon:

a) a worthy individual or organization that has made a significant national contribution to the development of the Bangladeshi Canadian community; or

b) a Bangladeshi Canadian that has demonstrated individual excellence on a national scale in the areas of arts, culture, athletics, media, politics, business, entertainment, education, academia, health sciences, community or religious development, social services, civil society and leadership.

To nominate someone for a Leadership Award click here: NBCC Leadership Award Nomination Form