NBCC Hosts Parc Ex 140th Canada Day Celebration -2007 with Justin Trudeau

It's the biggest Canada Day party in multicultural Canadian communities at Parc-Extension Montreal. Thousands of people attended with their children's dressed in red and white with traditional costume crowded onto the lawns in Jean Talon parc front of Loblaws super market on top of metro Parc Sunday July 1st  to celebrate Canada's 140th birthday.
Canada flags fluttered in the wind while children's lead by Elma Khandokar playing on live Canada national anthem.
Canada-Day-2007-justinFor the 5th time hosted by National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council (NBCC) Canada Day celebrations at the Gare Jean Talon Parc began around 12 p.m. till 9 p.m. There was live music with free hot dog barbeque even Indian samucha and sweet generously offered by India Canada Organization, South Asian Seniors Association and Bharat Bhaban, 
For many youngsters art and Canada quiz competition was the major attraction. For woman ring toss and under 6 kid's race draw many attractions.
It's a chance for us to show our pride and origin of Canadian history to our new Canadian generation as well setting a bridge from now to the future to unite our multicultural-Canadian community's here in Canada. Reaffirmation ceremony took place with group of citizen's and youths.
People cheered and waved flags under sunny skies as children's participate in various competitions like art, Canada quiz and run entertainers performed with DJ sound and Bangladeshi and Indian dances performed by  6 years old girls Sonia. Song performance by Nancy, Elma, Candy, Rupom and Amuthan.
In the crowd, adults, children's and young families waving flags enjoyed the party atmosphere.

ICO organization coordinator Dr. Uma Sribastha told to the audience. "Everything that we're doing here, we're doing for your children and your future dream, which are going to lead us in the near future. It's important that they grow up with the things that many of us didn't had. 
It was also attended by Justin Trudeau who delivered short greeting message and special message send by Canadian Ex Justice Minister Mount-Royal MP Dr. Irwin Cotler.
Monir Hossain President of the NBCC and coordinator of the Parc-Ex Canada Day Celebration-2007 told to audience “This is what Bangladeshi Canadian Council trying hard for integrate Multicultural Canadian communities into the Canadian as well Quebec social systems.”
He said, "This is for the children" And indeed, children's and youths were central force to our community's strength and they are the future of our Canada's. Many of them today accompanied by their parents to know about Canadian great history.
On behalf of Parc-Extension citizen's and Community he thank to Government Canada for the first time their recognition to this celebration as well local businesses who came forward to sponsor  especially ctv television , News at 11/30 and  Parc-Extension News, Weekly Bangla Reporter(Montreal),Bangla News (Montreal) Wekkly Deshe Bideshe, Pragati,
Michel Beaudin city of Montreal (sector Parc-Extension) , Spiro Koutsouris Pharmacist (Loblaws), Director (Loblaws),George Guzmas Editors Publishers  Nouvelles Parc- Extension, , Nelson Osse(Loisirs du Parc), Gayluine Heavert (PEYO), Nick Sakarmountzos  (PEYO), Jo-An Jette(PEYO), CPE , Greg (PEYO), , Police station-33, Dr. Uma (ICO) (ASASA),Ved Vora, Prashant (Bharat Baban) Steve , John Boby, Matheau, Nizam Uddin (HSQ).
Host organization also thanks all the volunteers, especially NBCC committe members Hassan Santu, Afjan Titu, Zamal Naser, Assaduzzaman, Nazia Islam, and Young volunteers group. Host coordinator says their goal is to hold a bigger and better celebration of Canada Day next year.