Bad Weather, But A Wonderful Canada Day

Canada-Day-2015-4A cake with the flag of Canada was cut in front on the festival-goers by NBCC President and event coordinator Monir Hossain and City Councillor Mary Deros

July 1st is an important date for every Canadian: it is the day to celebrate in unison Canada Day. On July 1st 1867, the Constitution Act has been passed and the country we all love has been born. Canada Day is a national and annual celebration to commemorate this date. Citizens of this country celebrate Canada Day with parties, festivals, parades, and barbecues and patriotic joy radiating from every province. This year marks the 148th anniversary of Canada Day.
In Parc-Extension, a small borough in Montreal, Quebec filled with a diversity of cultures, a Canada Day festival was organized by the National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council (NBCC) on July 1st 2015. The event was held in front of the supermarket Provigo’s lawn, located close to Station Parc, from 3 PM to 8 PM. At first, the Organizer was hesitant to host their event due to the continuous pouring rain in the morning, but Monir Hossain, founder of Parc-Extension Canada Day Celebration, decided nonetheless to start the event.
At the beginning, there was a distribution of Canadian flags, Canadian flag-themed pins, and candies to the people passing by to celebrate Canada Day. Later in the evening, when the sun started to come out, free barbecue was given to the citizens of Parc-Extension. They all enjoyed free hot dogs and watermelon slices. A cake with the flag of Canada was cut in front on the festival-goers. Kids also got free tattoos of the Canadian Maple leaf on their cheeks and hands and they were elated by this event. A quiz was also held to test out kids’ knowledge on Canadian history and prizes were given out to the winners. The council is happy to see gleeful citizens and kids on this raining day, celebrating the 148th anniversary of Canada Day.
The National Bangladeshi-Canadian Council is happy to host next year’s Canada Day at the same location and it thanks the volunteers and its sponsors, which are Heritage Canada, City of Montreal, Supermarché Provigo, Pharmacie Spiro Koutsouris, and le Centre des Loisirs.